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Zhejiang Wangjin Nonwovens Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Wangjin Nonwovens Co., Ltd


Zhejiang Wangjin Nonwovens  Co., Ltd
About Us
Zhejiang Wang Jin Nonwovens Corporation Limited was established in December 2015 It is an integrated non wovens production enterprise which is engaged in non woven cloth product development production and marketing The company is located in Ch angxing county which is on the shore of Taihu Lake This destination is well known as a land of fish and rice home of silk and culture of state The strategic advantageous geographical location provides a convenient sea and land transport condition The company lies in the center of transportation hub of Shanghai economic circle It is also in the source of Chang Hu Shen golden waterway which enjoys the fame of Oriental Rhine Its favorable geographical...

Categories and Products

Babycare Non Woven Fabric

Female Care Non Woven Fabric

Disposable Cleaning Non Woven Fabric

Architectural Ornament Non Woven Fabric

Medical Nonwoven Fabric

Cosmetic Non Woven Fabric

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